Frequently Asked Questions

I have trouble placing my order. What should I do?2022-04-30T21:28:54+08:00

Our website allows you to book your car rental online safely and easily by making a 20% confirmation deposit. It’s normally a hassle-free process, but if you have any issue proceeding to your booking or payment, please feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you solve this issue.

Do I need to leave my passport to rent a vehicle in Palawan?2019-11-11T08:11:55+08:00

Yes (even though there’s an alternative). The normal way to proceed is that you will leave your passport to the renter during the time of the rental. The renter will give it back to you as he gets back his vehicle. This policy is the norm in the Philippines. If leaving your passport preoccupies you, you can leave a photocopy of your passport along with a P10,000 deposit instead.

What is your cancellation policy?2022-10-06T03:24:06+08:00

If the renter has to cancel your car rental due to force majeure (for example, if the vehicle that you were planing to rent had a mechanical issue), you will of course be issued a full refund and/or offered an alternative.

If you are the one who has to cancel your booking, please note that a cancellation fee will be applied. This cancellation fee is calculated over the total booking amount (and not over the confirmation deposit). Here are the different cases which should apply and any amount exceeding the deposit made on the platform should be settled directly to the renter:

  • For a cancellation requested more than 30 days before the rental, a cancellation of 20% of the total booking amount will be applied.
  • For a cancellation requested more than 14 days before the rental, a cancellation of 30% of the total booking amount will be applied.
  • For a cancellation requested more than 7 days before the rental, a cancellation of 50% of the total booking amount will be applied.
  • For a cancellation requested less than 48 hours before the rental, or in case of no show-up, there is not refund available.
I’m going to rent a car for only 24 hours, why is it counted as two days?2019-11-11T08:08:28+08:00

The rental duration is computed on a day-block basis. If you choose to rent a vehicle from 12PM on day 1 and give it back at 12PM on day 2, this will be counted as two days. The reason for that is because the vehicle is blocked for you for the whole day, even if you use it only for a half-day. In certain occasions (such as returning the vehicle in the very early morning), we can accommodate some exceptions upon email inquiry.

What type of insurance is included with the rental?2022-10-06T03:25:39+08:00

The compulsory Third-Party Liability Insurance covers certain liabilities up to P100,000 such as third-party injuries caused by the insured car. It doesn’t cover the theft or damages made to the rented vehicle. The comprehensive insurance is participative. If you damage the car, you’ll have to shoulder the cost entirely for small repairs (up to P25,000) and will have to shoulder only up to 50% of the cost for bigger repairs (above P25,000). Note that some of the costs may be reimbursed to you by your own travel insurance if you have one which covers vehicle rentals.

Note that this typical insurance types may vary slightly from renter to renter. In any case, you will get the full rental contract agreement upon receiving the vehicle, so it’s the best time to see the insurance details as well.

Can I pay my remaining balance with a credit card?2022-10-06T03:27:14+08:00

This is not currently possible. The payment of the remaining balance has to be made exclusively in cash. Nonetheless it is possible to settle your balance in advance via a direct bank transfer to the renter (either with a deposit within the Philippines, or using Wise.com for international payments). This may be settled with them after the booking is confirmed on the platform.

Should I pay accommodation and meals for the private driver?2019-11-11T09:11:36+08:00

No. The cost of hiring a private driver is P900 per day and it already includes everything. Your driver will be able to arrange a sleeping area in the vehicle at night or simply already has places to sleep depending on the area of Palawan where you are. You do not need to shoulder the meals of your driver either. You can of course invite him if you wish, but this is in no way an obligation.

Will the private driver be with me at all time if I need him?2019-11-11T09:17:36+08:00

The normal working hours for the private driver are from 7:00AM to 9:00PM, but you can of course inform him of any particular need you might have so he can accommodate you. Extra hours may imply in a little overtime which you can directly discuss with your driver. In a general manner, always tell your plans to your private driver so he can organise himself to be ready where and when you need him.

Can I get a car in one place (i.e. El Nido) and return it somewhere else (i.e. Port Barton)?2019-11-11T09:23:30+08:00

Yes. This option is available with all our car rentals. You can choose to get a vehicle in one place of Palawan mainland and return it in another one. When you proceed to your online booking, simply select the “Pick up location” and “Drop off location” options of your choice. All cars are sent from or back to Puerto Princesa. In Puerto Princesa, these options are free. For other locations, a fee proportionate to the distance from Puerto Princesa is applied. The renter will come to either pick-up or deliver the vehicles in the area of your choice.

I want to pick-up/drop-off the vehicle in a location that is not listed. What should I do?2022-10-06T03:28:00+08:00

As long as the location of your choice is located on Palawan main island, it should be possible to accommodate the delivery/pick-up of your rental car. Simply send us an email to let us know and we’ll calculate the delivery charge (based on the distance from Puerto Princesa) to add to your booking.

Can I drive in the Philippines with a foreign driver license?2019-11-11T09:30:06+08:00

Yes. As long as it is not for a period longer then 90 days, you can drive in the Philippines with a foreign driver license, provided that it is in English. An international driver license is not required in that particular case. If the driver license is in another language than English, you should carry a translation provided by the embassy of the issuing country.

Is the mileage unlimited with your car rentals?2019-11-11T09:34:44+08:00


Is the fuel consumption included in the rental rate?2019-11-11T09:35:44+08:00

No. You will need to return the vehicle with the same quantity of fuel as when it was delivered (usually, full tank).

What is the minimum rental duration?2020-01-04T16:31:00+08:00

The minimum rental duration is set to 2 days. If you need a vehicle for 1 day with a pick-up from Puerto Princesa and a return in Puerto Princesa, you may contact us directly. This option is not available for return point other than Puerto Princesa. If you’d like to get a one way transportation from Puerto Princesa to another part of the island, you may hire a private van transfer in Palawan.


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