El Nido

Available Car Rentals in El Nido

Car Rental in El Nido, Palawan l Rent-A-Car PalawanReceive or return your car rental in El Nido, Palawan! On this page, you’ll find all the vehicles (self-driven or with a private driver) available in the area of El Nido town.

Thanks to the options available on Rent-A-Car Palawan, you can choose El Nido as your pick-up and/or drop-off area. The renter will simply come from Puerto Princesa to deliver or receive the hired car. The additional fee for this delivery option is based on the number of kilometers from the island’s capital to El Nido (280kms).

Thanks to our online booking tool, you can make a reservation for your car rental in El Nido today. Simply click on the vehicle of your choice to get started. Select your pick-up and drop-off options, and get ready to explore the jewel of Palawan driving your own vehicle!

Click on the vehicle of your choice to start your booking in El Nido:


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