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List of City Cars Available for Rental in Palawan

Kia Picanto I Rent-A-Car PalawanPlanning a trip within the city? We have city cars ready to be driven! With different models to choose from whether you’re riding solo, with your loved one, family, or friends. We have different kinds available of models available for rental, from microcars to hatchbacks, such as the Kia Picanto, Mitsubishi Mirage or Suzuki Swift.

These cars are not only great within the city but also outside and long travels – as long as it’s on the road, you have nothing to worry about. They have a maximum capacity of 5 persons, perfect for the family and a small group of friends.

You can book your car today: it only takes a confirmation deposit to reserve your vehicle online. With just a small amount of additional fee you can pick it up on the place you like and return it in another.

Click on the city car of your choice:


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