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What is the minimum rental duration?

The minimum rental duration is set to 2 days. If you need a vehicle for 1 day with a pick-up from Puerto Princesa and a return in Puerto Princesa, you may contact us directly. This option is not available for return point other than Puerto Princesa. If you'd like to get a one way transportation [...]

What is the minimum rental duration?2020-01-04T16:31:00+08:00

What is your cancellation policy?

If the renter has to cancel your car rental due to force majeure (for example, if the vehicle that you were planing to rent had a mechanical issue), you will of course be issued a full refund and/or offered an alternative. If you are the one who has to cancel your booking, please note that [...]

What is your cancellation policy?2019-12-25T16:09:46+08:00


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