List of SUV Available for Rental in Palawan

Toyota Fortuner | Rent A Car PalawanWith these SUVs you’ll be able to roam around Palawan easily! These vehicles are great on the road and even off road. Explore places within remote areas and find crystal clear beaches without worrying of the track! These vehicles are truly perfect when traveling to beautiful places like El Nido, Port Barton, and San Vicente.

You can choose from the popular brands of SUVs in Palawan like the Toyota Fortuner, Mitsubishi Montero and Mitsubishi Adventure. Some of these vehicles are also 4×4. With a maximum capacity of 7 persons, you’ll be able to ride with your family and friends.

You can book your vehicle online today thanks to our website. It only takes a confirmation deposit to reserve it and, for a maximum of organisational flexibility, you can even choose where to pick it up and to return it in 7 different places in Palawan!

Click on the SUV of your choice:

  • Mitsubishi Adventure's Dashboard and Wheel | Rent-A-Car Palawan Mitsubishi Adventure | Rent A Car Palawan

    Mitsubishi Adventure

    From: 1,800.00

    Book a Mitsubishi Adventure and explore Palawan! To reserve your car rental today, simply choose your dates and options below. You'll only pay a confirmation deposit and will be able to settle the balance once you're in Palawan. See all rates.

  • Montero Sport Front | Rent-A-Car Palawan SUV Car Rental in Palawan | Rent-A-Car Palawan

    Mitsubishi Montero

    From: 2,100.00

    Rent a Mitsubishi Montero in Palawan thanks to the options below. You only pay a deposit today and settle the remaining balance when you receive the vehicle. See all rates.

  • Suzuki Jimny White - Automatic 4x4 transmission | Rent-A-Car Palawan Suzuki Jimny Black - Automatic 4x4 transmission | Rent-A-Car Palawan

    Suzuki Jimny

    From: 2,100.00

    Book your Suzuki Jimny online! This 4x4 with automatic transmission will to bring you everywhere in Palawan. Choose the options below and reserve your Suzuki Jimny today with a confirmation deposit only. See all rates.

  • Toyota Fortuner Dashboard Toyota Fortuner | Rent A Car Palawan

    Toyota Fortuner

    From: 2,100.00

    Book your Toyota Fortuner in Palawan today! Choose your dates and where and when to receive the vehicle. In order to reserve the vehicle, you can simply make a confirmation deposit now and settle the remaining balance once you're in Palawan. See all rates.


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